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P5 Mental Conditioning for Athletes

The P5 Method: A list of the goals involved in sports mental conditioning, as described by Stephen Walker, PhD:

P1: Think Purposefully: Understand the reason behind the task at hand allows you to stay in your optimal arousal level, finding your flow state.

P2: Think Productively: Stay in the present & focus on what you can do now. Avoid overthinking,avoid overreacting.

P3: Think of the Possibilities: Be optimistic about stretching your athletic abilities.

P4: Think Passionately: Believe in your “why” in order to tap into an endless source of motivation for effort & consistency.

P5: Think Positive: Develop a growth mindset. Every experience can be re-framed as an opportunity to learn, whether you are successful or not.

The body cannot achieve mastery without the mind. Train both for the greatest success!

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