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Challenging Exercise

Expert Manual Treatment

One on One Precision

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Physical Therapy

Orthopedics & Sports Injuries


Range of Motion, Strength, & Mobility

These are the components of normal movement. Physical therapy evaluates these measures, and then uses them to explain the how & why of your current injury.

Part exercise, part mobility, and always using education, PT guides you through the physical process of creating lasting changes to your body's biomechanics & structure.

Patient rehab can be through Telehealth, in Complete gym, or in your home.


Become an Athlete

Previous injuries or health complications can make one reluctant to exercise without expert guidance. The biomechanical eye that restores pain-free movement can also be used to improve aesthetics & overall health in uninjured people too.  

Fitness programs can include weights, kettlebells, balance & coordination challenges, bodyweight exercises, and/or cardio variations. Current fitness apps or group classes can be explored together.

We will work within the style of exercise you like best, giving form guidance & mindset tools to help you maintain a pain-free, healthy and realistic fitness lifestyle.

Fat loss, increased mobility, increased strength & coordination are all goals that can be addressed with long term health in mind. Achieving your goals can feel easier when you are working with someone whose opinion you trust.

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Stretch & Soft Tissue


Some athletes need help easing the soreness, stiffness and limited mobility that often comes along with their hard work. Other clients are  chronically stiff and looking for ways to improve their overall mobility.


Recovery work is a  combination of mobility drills, stretching, and soft tissue work, allowing for easier motion, improved mobility and a quicker return to training at maximum potential.


Guided use of mobility tools & sequences can slow the mind & body during these drills, gently returning focus to the task at hand, promoting relaxation. 

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Home Programs

Guidance to Go

An initial meeting will allow us to review your current exercise & abilities, afterwhich a thorough program addressing your physical goals, biomechanical issues & any injuries will be created specifically for you.  

Future sessions can be scheduled several times per week for expert real-time guidance through exercise & mobility, or scheduled monthly as a followup session for reassessment & program progression.


Pictures, video & explanations will be given to help guide you on non-session dates.

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Happy Feet

Pain in the arch, ankle or heel, even kneecap pain, can be alleviated with a simple shoe insert custom molded to your foot.


Gait & posture is evaluated and your foot is measured, then casted with plaster. Plastic insoles are sent to your home, tailor made with the right amount of cushioning and support.


Orthotics can be made for sneakers, dress shoes, cleats or high heels.

Once casts are made their impressions are stored electronically, making re-order possible over the phone for years to come.

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Running Evaluations

Improved Performance

A running evaluation can be the perfect solution to understanding how your running style affects biomechanics and may cause chronic strains/pains.

In this hour-long session, video of several running speeds & angles will be recorded and analyzed for you.  Form recommendations will be given in real time.


A full 2-page report will be given to you, reviewing your running mechanics & sneaker choice. Rebalancing exercises for your lower body & core musculature can also be be suggested.

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