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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

If you've seen me in person, you may have noticed my new accessory. It's a continuous glucose monitor used to measure my blood sugar levels in real time throughout the day and night.

No, I don't have diabetes.

No, I'm not worried I have diabetes.

Although this is the same type of monitor people with diabetes use, Levels and a few other companies have introduced these monitors for otherwise healthy people looking to understand more about their diet and health.

It’s an expensive self experiment, and for that I know I’m privileged. But to say it’s been mind blowing is an understatement. I wish everyone could have access to this type of personalized information.

I’ve posted some things about blood sugar levels in my stories these past two weeks, but I figured I’d add some self insights in my feed as well. Be on the lookout for future posts.

Everyone’s tolerance to food, sleep and stress is unique, so some reactions may be specific to just me. However, there are many strategies to control blood sugar levels that are generalizable to everyone.

This project is helping me look at health through the eyes of energy regulation, which everyone can use more information on. Fascinating stuff!


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