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Tel: 646-236-3193

Fax: 646-390-8525

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Current practice locations:

In Person:

Inside Complete Gym

25 West 14th Street 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10003

Complete Gym is a full service boutique gym in the Union Square area of NYC. Having access to a full range of gym equipment, spa availability and sauna/cryotherapy for your rehab and fitness needs makes the return to your pain-free gym routine as seamless as possible.



In Your Home

I can travel most places in NYC or Long Island for fitness & rehab in the comfort of your own home. Strengthening & recovery using your own space is an excellent way to maintain consistency on your fitness journey and works well for busy adults who prefer to cut down on commute time.  I can supply all equipment needed for our sessions

TeleHealth using Zoom  

Despite initial misgivings, most clients who try Zoom love the accessibility & time-saving ease of sessions done from any location in the United States.  Expert guidance can continue when traveling or when a move makes in-person treatment impossible. The setup process is quite easy & very minimal equipment is needed to get started.


About Trish 


Dr. Trish Stallone has been an orthopedic & sports Physical Therapist for over 20 years, graduating from Columbia University in 2001 to start her physical therapy career & recently completing her doctorate in PT.  She has extensive experience in post-operative orthopedics- from sports injuries of the shoulder, knee & ankle, to stabilization surgeries of the spine, and joint replacements due to wear and tear.  She has worked in traditional PT practices as well as several sports & conditioning facilities in NYC.  Throughout her career, Trish has cultivated her expertise within the full spectrum from injured to athlete.

Trish has treated MMA fighters, soccer, hockey & baseball players, dancers and crossfit athletes, as well as many runners, cyclists and triathletes. But she loves working with people of all ages and skill levels. Trish also understands the unique "sports" of the modern New Yorker- whether that is heavy squatting with your trainer or a HIIT styled​ fitness class. With this knowledge, she can tailor her programs for a seamless return to your desired lifestyle. Knowing the ins & outs of many exercise favorites, she can also suggest active alternatives that allow smarter, pain-free paths to your fitness goals.

Her current passion is demonstrating that fitness & wellness is an option for everyone, regardless of age or current health. Trish hopes to guide her clients' fitness journeys so they are long, healthy and free of pain. She loves to discuss exercise concepts and is always looking for ways to spread the satisfaction that comes with being in control of your health.

In her free time, Trish loves weight training, yoga, snowboarding and cycling.  Once a long term resident of NYC, she has recently moved to Oyster Bay Cove, LI with her husband & two daughters.  

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Insurance plans, pre-tax health spending, and/or package discounts accounts may be used for services.  Please contact me for specific information based on your needs.



Feel free to contact me for consulting on health & wellness promotion in your workspace or for equipment suggestions when designing your home gym.



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