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10 Days of Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Here's what I learned so far

Ten days on Levels CGM

(Here’s what I’ve learned so far)

🩸For me, low blood sugar often feels like tired. Contrary to what I’ve always assumed, this doesn’t always match up with feeling hungry, it usually just means low energy.

🩸🩸High blood sugar feels like the food coma people joke about. But my (one) food coma so far didn’t come from overeating- it was from what & when I ate. I always thought the extreme lethargy from a food coma was from a deep dive into low blood sugar after eating, but I now know that isn’t true. For me, it signals the peak of high levels.

🩸🩸🩸Really high blood sugar readings make me feel like I had 2 cups of coffee- jittery, heart palpitations and generally uncomfortable. Simple sugars like candy, chocolate or sugary drinks got me to this level. I don’t like the feeling of really high blood sugar, so it makes sense why I generally don’t like eating or drinking sweets in normal life.

🩸Lastly, quick blood sugar fluctuations UP or DOWN usually give me a light headache.

Whether it’s a headache, grogginess, or just fatigue, my first impulse with any these symptoms (except the jitters) is that I need to do something, injest something. If I’m not hungry, I reach to coffee.

The impulse to drink coffee over everything else in response to blood sugar fluctuations was pretty eye opening. I wonder if I’ve been using the drink to regulate swings in blood sugar for years.

Dehydration and magnesium deficiency tend to raise blood sugar levels. So less coffee, more water and magnesium supplementation (things I’ve tried to work on for years) all fit in with my long term health goals.

Understanding how to ride out my peaks without coffee, knowing the deeper reasons for hydration & electrolytes, and matching feelings to actual blood sugar readings has been an incredible benefit so far.

🤯This week’s synopsis:

-Tired doesn’t always mean low blood sugar.

-Low blood sugar doesn’t always mean hungry.

-I use coffee way as a crutch way too often.

I can’t wait to learn more. ♥️

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