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Other ways to relax: Using Magnesium Supplements

Everyone knows you need Calcium & Magnesium for strong bones, but did you know these minerals help with muscle contraction and relaxation as well? . I often work with athletes complaining of unrelenting muscle tightness once they ramp up their intensity level. Whether it’s training for a marathon or progressing to a new phase of weightlifting, constant muscle tightness is at best annoying and at worst a precursor to injury. . There are many physical techniques I use to help loosen up- massage, manual stretching, mobility drills, light cardio, breath work, yoga, and foam rolling to name a lot. But it can also be useful to take a look at your diet to see if you can assist recovery through nutrition. . A calcium/magnesium supplement is just one way to add these nutrients to your diet. Rough green veggies like kale & spinach, as well as beans, nuts, seeds & dark chocolate (🌈) are foods higher in magnesium and worth investigating. . Another useful diet strategy is to evaluate your soda, coffee & alcohol intake when ramping up exercise intensity. You may not need to avoid these drinks entirely but they are worth reevaluating if you are noticing difficulties with muscle relaxation and/or dehydration. . Of course, I always recommend keeping your primary care aware of any strategy you use & seeking help from a nutritionist if you have other health complications. But know that paying attention to what you eat and drink while exercising can help more than just aesthetic goals. It can also be the additional boost that speeds recovery from normal workouts or tightness induced injuries. . . #PTtips #physicaltherapy #sportsPT#nutrition #injuryprevention #foamrolling#mobility #sportsmassage #flexibility#fitforlife #recovery #nutritionforathletes#fitness #health #wellness#healthandwellness #fit #fitness

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