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Just eat that Strawberry

As a mom, I'm surrounded by fruit. I'm always washing grapes, cutting strawberries, slicing mango.  I love fruit, it's super healthy, and I want my children to appreciate the gentle sweetness that fresh fruit provides.  So then why is there a part of me, that holds back for myself?  There's an inner voice that says "Save the fruit for the kids.." and "Not now, maybe later"....after I've given IT all and MY all, to the kids.  A noble thought for sure, but is it a good thought?  If fruit is "so great", don't I deserve some too?

If thought through a bit more, is enjoying simple food, and enjoying unfocused, non-rehearsed movement, only for the young? Is simple fun for kids, and adults are only allowed sitting calmly, eating dinner out & drinking?  I say NO.  There's more pleasure in life than just that.  And so, when I recognized this thought pattern awhile ago, I made the decision that every time I cut fruit, I will take at least one piece for myself.  Maybe more if I want it, but never less.  I deserve a slice of life's gentle pleasures too. And so do you.  

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