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Is fitness easier when you're rich & famous?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Thinking that your fit idols are successful because of ACCESS to health is a bit misguided. And I think it shows the very common wish that health & fitness could be more automatic... or more specifically done without much thought or effort. . But here’s the thing- yes some of those fit celebrities don’t have to think about their specifics as much. But the fit ones are still VERY engaged in their fitness & food programs. They go all in with their trainers- not chatting through workouts, taking direction well & often guiding the why’s of their programs.

They are responsible for meal frequency & food choices even they have a personal chef, eat out, or order in. And those celebrities still have to struggle with how to prioritize health- having to trade sleep or family time or financial opportunities for fitness- just like the rest of us.

Don’t be distracted by what makes them different from us, see what struggles are still similar! This way you can use them as the role model you hope for them to be. Some food for thought: 1-Thinking less about what you are in the mood for, and more about energy, variety & nutrient content can make mimic what makes meals prepared for you successful.

2-Meal prepping and the Instapot/slow cooker can reduce some of the stress & impulsive nature of meal time too.

3-Working out with friends can mimic the “appointment” urgency that makes having a personal trainer so successful.

4-Writing out a program the night before can give you direction in the gym and can help you be thoughtful about having a well rounded weight program. While creating a complete & skill appropriate program is often the hardest part of a trainer’s job, it is not impossible to do yourself with a little research & discussion with someone whose expertise you trust.

5-Nothing can replace evaluating the RESULTS of your efforts. Don’t just follow along in anyone’s diet or exercise program. Try to figure out WHAT it’s teaching and WHY it’s working. This mindset- PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY- is the greatest difference I see between those who are successful at fitness and those who are not. And the best part is that it’s free. 😊🍾

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