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After several friends & clients reached out for my recommendations on fitness equipment & rehab tools, I decided to list them all in one place to make it easier.  Click on any of the links to shop my recommendations on Amazon.

Feel free to reach out with any equipment questions or suggestions of your own.

xo Trish

Yoga Practice


Foam Rollers are an excellent mobility tool and the trigger point brand has just the right amount of cushion and firmness.  Plus, the plastic center keeps the roller from deforming like other lower priced rollers.

I love mobility tools, and use them both on myself and in my PT practice.


Stretch Ropes, Shoulder Pulleys & a small ball are the tools of traditional Physical Therapy.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Exercise Basics

Some elastic bands, and hand & ankle weights are

a few exercise basics to start with.  

Check my Instagram for more exercise equipment suggestions, including cardio choices, heavier weight selection and coordination tools.



Heart rate monitors, fitness watches & over the counter orthotics are a few tools that can make fitness pain-free and more effective.

Reach out if you need an expert opinion on more advanced exercise equipment choices- I may have other websites, tips or promo codes to offer.

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Yoga Mats
Senior Couple Doing Yoga
Back Massage
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